Vulnerability Assessment

Effective protection of any target depends on the ability of the security force to detect, assess, respond and neutralize the threat prior to an unauthorized act taking place. Planning for this event increases the probability of success of a fully integrated protection program. Planning involves the use of subject matter experts, computer modeling and performance testing of elements including physical barriers, electronic security systems and protective forces. This data, when compiled together, enables management to make informed decisions about threat mitigation.

A number of vulnerability assessment software programs are available to security professionals in the commercial and Government markets. All serve as a computerized aid for an expert vulnerability analyst to use in organizing and recording his observations, conclusions, and rationale for evaluating the effectiveness of a protection system against a specified threat.

The process used to conduct a vulnerability assessment requires the analyst to enter a text description of the facility to be analyzed, the target to be protected, the expected threat, the capabilities and motivation level of the attacker, the various barriers and/or sensors and their characteristics, and the estimated response time of the protective force. A numeric value is assigned to each of these elements based on the established security policy of the management of the facility being evaluated, the experience and knowledge of the analyst, and/or actual performance testing.

The following mathematical formula is used to calculate protection system effectiveness:

R = (1-Pe) * C * Po where
R = Risk
Pe = System Effectiveness
C = Consequence
Po = Probability of Occurrence

(Pe includes Probability of Detection, Probability of Assessment, and Probability of Interruption / Neutralization).

Gregg Protection is recognized as an industry leader in vulnerability assessments. We have conducted vulnerability assessments at more than eighty nuclear and biological defense facilities throughout the world. In addition, in excess of 37% of our employees have vulnerability assessment experience supporting the Department of Energy, Defense Threat Reduction Agency and the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs.

These services are available under Gregg Protection’s General Services Administration Schedule 84 and MOBIS 874-1 contracts.

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