Employee Skills

Gregg Protection Services provides commercial and government clients with integrated safeguards and security solutions for the protection of nuclear and biological assets as well as classified matter in the United States and overseas. We use Department of Energy and Department of Defense-cleared safeguards and security specialists in varied disciplines including:

  • Physical Security (including design, penetration and breaching)
  • Electronic Security Systems (alarms, Closed Circuit Television and card access)
  • Protective Force (deployment, small unit tactics and training)
  • Vulnerability Analysis (computer based and table top with focus on facility penetration, blast effects and hazardous material dispersion)
  • Material Control and Accountability (nuclear material or other target accountability)
  • Export Control (including land and sea based border security and interdiction of nuclear materials and nuclear related dual use equipment and materials)

Specifically, Gregg field personnel have the following attributes:

  • 67% hold security clearances
  • 50% have physical security experience
  • 39% have electronic security systems experience
  • 37% have vulnerability assessment experience
  • 49% have training program development experience
  • 37% have protective force experience
  • 33% have nuclear material management experience
  • 43% have a Master’s degree
  • 17% have a Ph.D.
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